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Salford Valmar 8700 Pull-Type

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Delivering Greater Capacity and Flexibility in a Commercial Pull-Type Spreader


Designed to meet the needs of large-scale farm businesses, the Salford Valmar 8700 is a high-capacity, pull-type spreader that delivers the highest rates of application currently available in a commercial spreader. Thanks to its advanced design, the 8700 delivers rates as high as 1,000 pounds per acre at 8 miles per hour, allowing you to finish large jobs faster than ever. 

Valmar 8700 Pull-Type
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The 8700 precise rate is a result of the conveyor chain delivery system that either hydraulically or mechanically adjusts the application rate based on travel speed. The mechanical drive (available on 8708 only), hydraulically engaged, metering system is based on a 30-setting, oil bath gearbox combined with a two-speed gear ratio to allow 60 settings that can be adjusted in increments of seven percent. This enables operators to select from more settings at closer increments, a feature that translates into more control over application rate for substantial savings in fertilizer costs. The 8708 can also be configured with a hydraulic drive metering system for those using variable rate technology. The 8711 is available as a hydraulically driven metering unit only.


The 8700’s extra-large, 260-cubic-foot hopper can carry up to eight tons of product (8708) or 357-cubic foot hopper carrying 11 tons of product (8711). The hopper itself is constructed of corrosion-resistant, painted 409 stainless steel and comes with a roll tarp installed.


Originally designed to meet the needs of row crop farmers, the 8700 features axles which can be adjusted from 72 inches to 120 inches to accommodate most row spacings. In addition, the 8700 can be equipped with optional tire sizes to achieve greater flotation or narrower tracking, depending on the operation.


This fan has field-proven history on the Air Max. With an operating speed of 4,700 RPM, the fan’s air flow feeds through a nine-inch outlet directly to a two-piece manifold. Important features include a 17-inch fan impeller with plastic impeller blades and a four-band fan belt with tightener. The standard fan drive is a 1,000 RPM, 1 3/8-inch, 21T spline drive shaft. An optional 20T, 1 3/4-inch yoke with bridge is available for those requiring a larger driveline.  Valmar also offers an optional hydraulic driven fan drive. This option requires 35 gallons per minute hydraulic flow operating at 2225 PSI – well within the capability of some of today’s higher capacity tractors.


The 8700 includes a number of important features that provide for increased durability and easier maintenance. For long life, the hopper and booms are manufactured from 304 stainless steel. There is easy access to all mechanical parts including the manifold. Finally, calibration and emptying of the unit is easier, thanks to funnel trays that are inserted under the metering system for easy collection of material.


The Valmar 8700 comes with a standard 60 foot row crop boom or 72 foot broadcast spread, allowing you to match boom width to your crop requirements. Booms are hydraulically folded and feature a sectional shut-off to allow application on the left or right side only. All booms are equipped with hydraulic boom suspension to allow the operator to adjust tip height and match field contours. Automatic folding, break-away tips are integrated within the fold and locking sequence and minimize damage that may occur from striking obstacles in the field.


Designed for easy use, all important field operations on the Valmar 8700 are hydraulically controlled from the cab hydraulic remotes. For example, the booms are folded, unfolded and locked hydraulically (through the use of a sequencer valve), allowing quick and easy transition to and from transport position. The metering system relies on a hydraulic remote to either engage and disengage the mechanical metering or provide constant flow for the hydraulically controlled metering system. Boom tip height can the adjusted on the go up to 8 feet, to follow uneven terrain.


Salford's Valmar air boom applicators gently and accurately handle seed, fertilizer and other granular like herbicides. Equipped with 60 ft booms and drop tube kit, the 8700 delivers granular product on 30 inch centers.  Combined with row crop tire options the 8700 has the clearance to direct cover crops between rows of established corn crops.


Second Metering System
Apply herbicide, seed, or micro-nutrients at the same time as you apply fertilizer with the addition of this second metering system. By adjusting the built-in hopper panel, you can create two separate hoppers. It comes with its own single drive hydraulic metering kit and electrically operated clutches which allow half shut-off of either boom. Its 60-cubic-foot hopper can hold up to 2,700 pounds of product at a density of 45 pounds per cubic foot and comes equipped with convenient hopper bottom slide gates to allow rollers to be easily removed for cleaning or inspection without draining product from hopper. Equipped with 60 ft booms and drop tube kit, the 8700 delivers granular product on 30 inch centers.  Combined with row crop tire options the 8700 has the clearance to direct cover crops between rows of established corn crops.

Foam Markers - Simpson SKS foam markers are available.

Hopper Screen Assembly - Keeps out foreign material.

  • 8708 - 8 ton / 260 cubic foot (200 cu. ft. and 60 cu. ft., if second metering system is used)

  • 8711 - 11 ton / 357 cubic foot (297 cu. ft. and 60 cu. ft., if second metering system is used)

  • 260 cu. ft. (223 cu. ft. and 37 cu. ft., if second metering system is used)

  • 409 stainless steel with two-component epoxy primer and two-component, cross-linked acrylic top coat paint system

  • Roll tarp installed

  • Hopper screen installed

  • Chain tensioner

  • 72-88 inch adjustable axle

  • Optional 120 inch axle

  • Single axle with 10 bolt hub

  • 8708 - 14.9 inch (380/85) R38

  • 8708 - 28L-26 R3 (750/65) R1

  • 8711 - 800/65 R32 tire

  • 8711 - 380/90 R46

  • Optional Digi-Star scale kit

  • 17-in. impeller operates at 4700 RPM

  • 9-in. outlet

  • Hydraulic fan drive

  • PTO fan drive (Optional)

    • 1000 RPM CV 13⁄8 or 13⁄4 in. 21 spline driveline

  • 60-ft row crop or 72-ft spread width

  • Hydraulic boom suspension

  • 304 stainless steel construction

  • Break-away tips

  • 3-in. diameter tubes (6 per side)

  • 2 deflectors per tube

hydraulic requirements
  • 4 outlets plus additional outlets for hydraulic options

  • 30 gpm @ 2800 psi

  • Case drain for fan required

  • Boom folding and unfolding

  • Metering (Either wheel engage/disengage or hydraulic control)

  • 2 remotes for tip height adjustment (1 for RH and 1 for LH)

  • For mechanical ground drive only, 2 additional remotes for LH and RH section engage

  • For hydraulic fan only, 1 remote (22 GPM  @ 2800 PSI) and Zero Pressure return for case drain

  • Optional hydraulic electric control bank can be used to reduce the number of remotes required

primary metering
  • (2) 14 inch 304 stainless steel conveyor chains

  • Maximum rates 1000 lbs/acre at 8 mph

  • Hydraulic Drive (Mechanical Ground Drive Optional)

  • ISOBUS Section Control Kit*

  • Two motor independent drive left hand/right hand hydraulic main metering.

second metering system
  • (2) 14 inch 28 groove red metering rollers or 12 groove grey metering rollers

  • Hydraulic or Mechanical wheel drive

  • Electric clutches for left hand/right hand on/off.

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