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ID # 19201530

Salford 700 S-Tine, two-piece S-tine, and C-shank Cultivators

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700 S-Tine, two-piece S-tine, and C-shank Cultivators

Strength, durability, and performance are standard features on Salford field cultivators. Unique features like hydraulic self leveling and the land-hugger fully floating frame are found only on Salford cultivators. Hydraulic self-leveling frames are standard on all models. Fewer hinge points greatly reduce wear on Salford cultivators lowering maintenance costs over the life of these durable machines.

The stiffer tine increases the stir and vibration of Salford S-tine equipment for improved leveling and commodity incorporation.

700 S-Tine, two-piece S-tine, and C-shank Cultivators
Sale Type

Standard Features:

  • Tandem wheels on main frame and wings

  • Adjustable tip pressure to 270 lbs on C-shank models

  • 110 lbs - 200 lbs operating pressure (S-Tine tip pressure varies during operation as the tine vibrates in the soil)

  • Manual adjustable gauge wheels on primary wing only (40’ - 44’)

  • Manual adjustable gauge wheels on primary and secondary wings (50’ and up)

  • Category 4 single clevis hitch

  • Hydraulic self-leveling frame

  • Single point hydraulic depth control

  • Safety chain, SMV sign, safety lights


  • Land-hugger floating frame with manual adjust caster wheels

  • Adjustable tow hitch (one-man hook-up)

  • Hydraulic lines and quick coupler to tow hitch

700 Field Cultivators
Working Width 6-Bar S-Tine & 2 Piece
S-Tine models
C-shank Models
H.P. Required
4.5" Tine spacing with
Long Life Cast Point
# of Tines
7" Shank spacing with
7" sweeps
# of Tines
40' (12.19 m) N/A 68 210-250
44' (13.41 m) ** 116 75 220-260
50' (15.24 m) ** 132 85 250-300
62' (18.90 m) ** 164 104 310-400
**Bi-fold Frame, See Dealer or Call Salford for Transport Specs and Weights


Operation and Application S-Tine C-Shank
Operating Depth 1.5" - 4" (0.04 m - 0.10 m) 2" - 6" (0.05 m - 0.15 m)
Operating Speed 5.5 - 9 mph (8.85 - 14.48 kph) 4.5 - 7 mph (7.24 - 11.27 kph)
% of Residue Bured in one pass 20 - 30 40 - 50
Seed Bed Preparation Excellent Excellent
Primary Tillage Poor Average
Field Leveling Excellent Excellent
Weed Control Excellent Excellent
Incorporation of Chemical/Fertilizer Excellent Excellent
Residue Management Average Good
Surface Compaction Removal Excellent Excellent
Deep Compaction Removal (12"+) N/A N/A
Land Reclamation Poor Average

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