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New Holland ProRotor™ Rotary Rakes

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Like a mechanical pitchfork; with long flexible tines each ProRotor™ rake tine arm lifts and carries the crop delivering it into the windrow. The tines never need to touch the soil, so there is little risk of contaminants being swept into the windrow.

The rotary action builds a well-shaped windrow without roping that promotes continued drying so you can rake earlier which helps retain delicate leaves producing higher quality forage.

The consistency and shape of the rotary rake windrow feeds smoothly into all types of balers for easier baling and more uniform bales every time.

New Holland ProRotor™ Rotary Rakes


ProRotor™ Rotary Rakes
Sale Type
New Holland
prorotor™ rotary rake gearbox
New Holland ProRotor™ Rotary Rakes


The heart of a rotary rake is the rotor gearbox, that’s why ProRotor rake rotors are sealed and lubricated by oil for reliable and dependable service life.

Practically maintenance free rotor gearboxes do not require daily greasing of the tine arm assemblies so you spend less time greasing and more time raking

curved tangential mounted arms
New Holland ProRotor™ Rotary Rakes


ProRotor tine arms are mounted at a tangent placing the tines are in the optimum position gather your hay.

The smooth cam action and specially formed tine arm curve lift the tines quickly as hay is deposited into the windrow, resulting in an even and consistent windrow.

To handle your heaviest crops each tine arm is secured by a through bolt and clamping bolt for high-reliability.

long flexible rake tines
New Holland ProRotor™ Rotary Rakes


Individual raking tines are uniquely shaped to provide more equal tine spacing improving coverage to reduce missed crop.
With the capacity to handle the heaviest of crops individual tines have three spring coils for flexibility to protect the stubble from inadvertent contact.
Each tine is securely bolted and coils wrap around the tine arm, for extra piece of mind optional tine saver clips are available.

models and specification
New Holland ProRotor™ Rotary Rakes ProRotor.3114  
Paint Powder Paint
Crop Delivery Left Side
DIN Width - Sing Swath or Min (m/ft) 4.2/13.8
DIN Width - Double Swath or Max (m/ft) -
New Holland ProRotor™ Rotary Rakes ProRotor.3223  
Paint Powder Paint
Crop Delivery Left Side
DIN Width - Sing Swath or Min (m/ft) 6.6/21.7
DIN Width - Double Swath or Max (m/ft) 7.1/23.3
New Holland ProRotor™ Rotary Rakes ProRotor.3226  
Paint Powder Paint
Crop Delivery Center
DIN Width - Sing Swath or Min (m/ft) 7/23
DIN Width - Double Swath or Max (m/ft) 7.8/25.6
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ProRotor™ Rotary Rakes - Brochure Download

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