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New Holland Pickup Heads

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Unlike other multi-step combine heads, pickup heads have one job and one job only: to pick up the crop that’s already been cut. And, no head does it better than a New Holland pickup. New Holland designed the suspension, auger fingers, seed dam, belts and frame for the express purpose of getting every bit of crop off the ground and transferring it safely to the feeder house.New Holland Pickup Heads


Pickup Heads
Sale Type
New Holland
pick-up head (790cp)


Ideal for small grain and specialty crops, such as canola and grass seed, the 12- and 15-foot 790CP windrow pickup heads are designed to gather wider windrows, operate at faster field speeds and reduce seed loss to boost your harvesting productivity.

New Holland Pickup Heads


The flexing pickup frame allows up to 12 inches of flex within the frame to smoothly follow rough terrain. You can adjust the ground force of the mechanical suspension easily using a single wrench. A hydraulic float option allows you to change flotation sensitivity on the fly from the cab for optimum flotation over rough fields.New Holland Pickup Heads


Auger speed is an impressive 212 rpm on 15-ft headers which enables high forward speeds to enhance overall machine capacity. The auger features double "V" pattern tines which ensure the crop is cleanly fed into the feeder. The tines, together with the reduced clearance of the auger fingers, auger flight floor and auger clearance, provent wrapping to significantly improve in-field productivity and prevent potential damage while improving grain quality.New Holland Pickup Heads


Both the 12- and 15-foot models feature standard front and rear windguards to ensure even crop flow into the combine. And, both models use fewer belts than competitive models, reducing the risk of seed loss between belts. Taller, square cleats “paddle” the seed to the auger. The picking belt gently and efficiently transfers the crop onto the slatted transfer belt. This positive pickup action ensures continued harvesting productivity, even in rained down or sprouting crops. A seed dam is an integrated part of the design—not a rubber add-on—and is located between the rear transfer belt roller and the floor, preventing losses to collect all the grain you pick.


A 26-inch-diameter floating auger with five-inch flighting handles heavy crop and feeds it smoothly into the combine. Adjusting the auger up and down has been simplified. The auger can be locked or set to allow either 5/8" or 1-1/4" of float to handle slugs. A double drive sprocket allows you to slow or speed up the auger to match your needs. A double V pattern provides clean, even sweeping into feeder and prevents material wrapping and carry over. Auger fingers can be replaced easily by removing spring pin from plastic holder. Tines require no tools for assembly and you can adjust pitch with a single pin and handle.

models and specification
New Holland Pickup Heads 790CP - 12 Foot  
Overall width, in. (mm) 168 (4260)
Fixed wheels, in. (mm) 175 (4450)
Castor wheels, in. (mm) 189 (4805)
Shipping weight, lbs. (kg) 3090 (1402)
New Holland Pickup Heads 790CP - 15 Foot  
Overall width, in. (mm) 204 (5175)
Fixed wheels, in. (mm) 211 (5365)
Castor wheels, in. (mm) 225 (5720)
Shipping weight, lbs. (kg) 3180 (1442)
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